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First Headshot

Truth be told it's probably not my first headshot, but it's within the first couple and I'm pretty sure it's the shot I was using when I got my SAG card in a Sprite commercial from 1986.

Stand - Up Comedy

Hardest thing I ever spent four years trying to do.  I'm thinking about going back again until I get it right.  Before I really nailed it, I moved on to improv and sketch comedy.  And then one day I booked a pilot and I haven't been on stage since.  Except to do a couple of essay shows, which I loved.  That is me on stage in a club that no longer exists - about 1987.

These Guys

My high school friends and still very close friends.  Pete, Steve and Bill. That's us a year or so back at Bill's bachelor party in Vegas.

HR Pilot

I'm going to keep posting links to things I've created or am working on currently.  This is a show that should be in its sixth season at this point.  HR

Great cast.


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